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Venous Claudication


Venous claudication is a common and sometimes disregarded symptom of chronic venous insufficiency (CVI). It is identified by leg pain or discomfort that worsens with physical activity and goes away with rest. Learning about its causes, symptoms, and available treatments can enable you to regain control over the health of your legs and resume an active lifestyle.


Leg pain, cramping, and achiness when moving or standing are common symptoms. The sensations usually start in the muscles of the calf and may spread to the thighs. They might range from a mild discomfort to burning or heaviness. Leg swelling, exhaustion, restlessness, and skin abnormalities like ulcers or discoloration could be additional signs.



Physical examination: In addition to reviewing your medical history and symptoms, your doctor will examine your legs and look for any signs of swelling or varicose veins.

Doppler ultrasonography: This medical procedure shows blood flow in the veins and detects any narrowing or blockage using sound waves.

Plethysmography: This test can be used to identify CVI by measuring the amount of blood flowing through the legs.

Angiography: To see the veins and arteries more clearly, certain situations may require the use of X-rays or CT scans with a specific dye.


Lifestyle changes: You can enhance circulation and lessen symptoms by engaging in regular activity, eating a healthy weight, and avoiding extended periods of sitting or standing.

Compression stockings: These uniquely made stockings gently press against the legs to increase blood flow and lessen edema.

Medication: Doctors may prescribe blood thinners or pain and inflammation-relieving drugs.

Minimally invasive techniques: Small varicose veins can be sealed off using techniques like sclerotherapy or laser ablation.

Surgery: To repair damaged veins or bypass obstructed ones in severe cases, surgery can be required.

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