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What is it?

Leg Pain / Cramps

Caused by varicose veins

A painful sensation in the legs, particularly in the calves, that aches, throbs, or cramps may indicate varicose veins. Long periods of sitting or standing might exacerbate this discomfort.


Symptoms include:

Leg fatigue and heaviness: Even after light exercise, you may experience fatigue and heaviness in your legs.

Ankle and foot swelling: Significant swelling, especially at the end of the day, may indicate poor circulation brought on by varicose veins.

Leg pain can cause restlessness and difficulties falling asleep, which can result in irritation and exhaustion.

Skin discoloration: Ankle redness, browning, or darkening of the skin may be an early indicator of problems from varicose veins.

Evident varicose veins: The most noticeable veins on the surface of the legs are the bulging, twisted ones.


Typical therapy alternatives include the following:

Lifestyle changes: You can greatly reduce symptoms by keeping a healthy weight, exercising frequently, elevating your legs, and avoiding extended periods of sitting or standing.

Compression stockings: These specialty stockings help with blood flow and reduce pain and swelling by gently applying pressure to the legs.

Medication: To treat some symptoms or avoid problems, doctors may prescribe blood thinners, muscle relaxants, or pain medications.

Procedures with minimal invasiveness: Small varicose veins can be sealed off with sclerosing therapy or laser ablation, providing a prompt and efficient remedy.

Surgery: To remove or bypass clogged veins, surgery may be required in extreme situations.

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