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What is it?

Spider Veins

Red, blue, or purple veins caused by weakened valves

Spider veins are tiny, just beneath the skin’s surface, red, purple, or blue veins. They get their name because they frequently resemble spiderwebs or tree branches. Even though they are usually benign, they can occasionally result in discomfort or difficulties and raise cosmetic issues.


Spider vein symptoms include:

Visible veins: Usually red, purple, or blue, the most noticeable sign is the formation of thin, web-like veins.
Spider veins can occasionally cause pain, aching, or tenderness in the affected area; this is especially common after extended periods of sitting or standing.
Itching and burning: Some people report feeling as though something is burning, itching, or pulsing in the area of the spider veins.
Exhaustion and heaviness: Severe spider veins can worsen symptoms of exhaustion and heaviness in the legs.


Diagnosis of spider veins:

Spider veins are typically diagnosed by a physician or dermatologist performing a physical examination. However, further tests, like:

Doppler ultrasound: This test measures blood flow and detects any underlying blockages using sound waves.
Light test: The skin is transilluminated with a hand-held light to enhance the visibility of the veins.

Typical therapy alternatives include the following:

Depending on the degree, location, and specific requirements of each patient, a number of treatment methods are available for spider veins. 

Sclerotherapy: The veins are made to swell and collapse by injecting a sclerosing solution, which eventually causes the veins to disappear.

Laser therapy: The spider veins are heated and destroyed by laser energy, which causes them to vanish.
Radiofrequency ablation: The vein is destroyed from the inside out by inserting a thin catheter that employs radiofrequency energy.

Varithena injections: A foam-based sclerosant that is injected into the vein to cause damage and collapse, eventually causing it to vanish.

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